Welsh Folk Dance - Cylch Y Cymry (Welsh Council)

  Formation: Large circle men with their partners on their right facing partners.  

Music: Any 32 bar jig.

Shake right hands 4 times.

Shake left hands 4 times.


Clap own hands together 4 times.

Clap both partners hands 4 times.


Slip to the centre 4 steps and back.

Slip to the centre 4 steps and back.


Arm right with your partner twice around.

Arm left with the person behind (new partner) once around.


End in a double circle men on the inside ladies on the outside facing anticlockwise and promenade.


Men pull new partners in front of them to start the dance again.

Videos of "Cylch y Cymry" (Welsh Circle)

Court Colman Manor
Dancing a Welsh folk dance Cylch y Cymry at Court Colman Manor, near Cardiff, Wales.

Fancy Dress Version
Click for video - Cylch y Cymry, (Welsh Circle) at a birthday barn dance in Cardiff.

Atlantic College
An evening of Welsh folk dancing for visitng students from Argentina.

Priory Centre, Abergavenny
Click for video of "Cylch y Cymry" at Abergavenny Priory Centre.



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