Pluck & Squeeze Band Recordings

Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band from Cardiff, South Wales

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 Sound recordings: Click on a track.

Here's a typical evening:
4 piece band & dance caller -
 Live at the Earl Haig
Guitar, Violin, Accordion & Bass.

1 Machynlleth (A reel named after a town in Mid Wales).

2 The Ballad of Jesse James

3 Y Delyn Newydd (The New Harp)

4 Jac y Do (The Jackdaw - a march)

5 Irish Medley

6 Veinte Anos (Cuban bolero).

7 Dawns Harlech

8 Rhwng Ddwy (Between Two)

9 Saint Louis Blues

10 Stand By Your Man

11 Ffaniglen (A polka named after a herb, Fennel).

12 Farmer's Fancy (A traditional reel)

13 Sway (Our version of a Dean Martin classic)

14 Wonderful Tonight (cover of an Eric Clapton song).

15 Farmer's Jig

16 Sicilian Circle

17 Five Hundred Miles (cover of a Proclaimers song)

18 Those Were The Days

19 Circassian Circle (final circle dance)

20 Dance Out


Here's a typical evening with the smaller band
3 Piece band & dance Caller - Live at Radyr Golf Club
Guitar, Violin, & Accordion.

1 Machynlleth  (town in Mid Wales)

2 Ty Coch  (Red House)

3 Y Delyn Newydd  (The New Harp)

4 Jac y Do (Jackdaw)

5 Irish Medley

6 Veinte Anos  (Twenty Years - Spanish)

7 Dawns Harlech  (town in North Wales)

8 Rhwng Ddwy  (Between Two)

9 The Saint Louis Blues

10 The Grapevine Twist

11 Ffaniglen  (Fennel herb)

12 The Farmer's Fancy

13 Sway

14 The Farmer's Jig

15 Sicilian Circle

16 Those Were The Days

17 Circassian Circle

18 Dance Out


Heulwen, Pat, Peter, Lorna and Tony at Craig y Nos CastleSome Scottish Tunes and Dances:

The Gay Gordons

The Dashing White Sergeant

Strip the Willow


Something seasonal:

Christmas Carol Medley



Welsh Folkdance CDs


Click to hear clips from our first Welsh folk dance CD

Wales Millennium Centre

Click to listen to us, live at the Wales Millennium Centre

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