Welsh Folk Dance - Lord of Caernarfon’s Jig


This dance was first published in Playford’s Dancing Master, 1650. Though both dance and tune are probably older, it is a type of Country Dance that became popular in fashionable circles in the Restoration period.

  There is no definite information as to the step used, but it was probably danced in a light springy walking step, or with a slight chassé on the fourth beat in some of the movements, according to the skill of the dancers.

  The Gypsy is performed by two dancers close together, shoulders almost touching, linking little fingers; 8 steps round in a complete circle clockwise, then counter-clockwise.

  The formation is a column of 4 couples facing up, men with their partners on their right. Each 4 bars of A and B music are repeated, and the whole 16 bars played 8 times complete the dance.


Music: Set tune / medley (Click here for a sample from our CD, Track 16)

Part 1

A1 All lead up a double and back.

A2 Repeat.


B1 Partners dance the whole gypsy clockwise.

B2 Repeat, counter-clockwise.


A1 1st couple change places and go down outside 2nd couple,

A2 cross over below the 2nd couple and outside 3rd couple.


B1 1st couple lead through4th couple, and followed by the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd couples, in that order, cast up to places,

B2 and all turn partners and face down.


Part 2

Repeat all that; 2nd couple leading down.


Part 3

Repeat with 3rd couple leading up.


Part 4

Repeat with 4th couple leading down, and all finish in original places.



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