Welsh Folk Dance - Dawns Llandudoch

Formation:  Longways sets of 8 couples

Music: 32 bar reels or polkas

A1  First couple cast out to bottom of set, join hands at the bottom, and slip step back up to the top




Click for video of Dawns Llandudoch at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

Click for video of Dawns Llandudoch at the Priory, Abergavenny.

A2  First couple followed by the other seven couples repeat the above .  


B1 Top two couples, join hands in a circle, couples 3 & 4 join hands, couples 5 & 6, and finally couples 7 & 8 do the same, and each foursome circles left to the count of eight. Change and circle right to the count of eight.


B2 Top couple twist and turn down to the bottom of the set. 

New top couple starts the dance again.



After the first time through, each set can do the dance at their own speed, so there is no need for the caller to call instructions.  



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