Welsh Folk Dance - Clawdd Offa / Offa's Dyke

  Formation: Square set for 4 couples numbered anticlockwise.  
Couple 1 have their backs to the musicians. 

Music: 48 bar jigs - Clawdd Offa + similar.

A1  Bar 1-4  Holding Hands in a circle, all take 4 steps to the centre and 4 steps back to place.
              5-8 All back to back with partner.

A2  Bar 1-4  Repeat A1.
              5-8  All back to back with corner.

B1  Bar 1-8  Couple 1 face each other, pass each other and go round the other dancers, meeting back in 

B2  Bar 1-4  All join hands and circle left with 8 slip steps.
             5-8  All circle back to place.

C1  Bar 1-8 Figure 8 - Couple 1 lead across the set, go through couple 3, man dancing round the man
                    first, then the lady the second time, then go back to place.

C2  Bar 1-8  All swing partners.

Repeat the dance with Couple 2 being the working couple, then Couple 3, then Couple 4, and then at the discretion of the caller, e.g. with two couples doing B1 and C1 at the same time - the dancers must listen carefully to the caller's instructions!


Click for video.

Click for video.

Pat explains the steps.
Click for video explaining the steps.


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