Bending the Guitar Sides

Mould for Maccaferri type guitarPipe for heating guitar sides

Some basic equipment had to be made. 

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Bending the first side



The wood for the sides and back of the guitar is East Indian Rosewood although the originals were laminated.

The wood was planed, sanded and scraped to the required thickness.

Then the pieces were soaked for 20 minutes before starting to bend on the hot pipe.



Bending wood with a hot pipe


When the wood became hot enough it started to bend very easily.

 It was an enjoyable task, just taking it slowly.





Heating side wood


The first curve. 

It was surprising how the wood seemed to reach a certain temperature and then become very flexible.






Checking correct curve



Checking the curve against the mould.






(Click on the pictures for larger versions) 


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