Maccaferri Guitar Project

Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli quintette

This web site is an ongoing project to collect and pass on information about the construction of Selmer Maccaferri guitars.

 As a big fan of Django Reinhardt's music it started as an attempt to research and make a similar instrument to his Selmer Maccaferri guitar and use it to play rhythm with our ceilidh band, The Pluck & Squeeze Band, which plays Welsh folk dance music. 

The guitars were not widely available when the project started. 
There was a lot of information on the web about Django and Maccaferri but very little on the construction details.

That situation has now changed with high quality reproduction guitars, books, DVDs and construction plans for Selmer guitars by Michael Collins , R & F.Charle and Roy Courtnall.

The aim of this site is to share what I've been able to learn so far and to continue developing as things progress.

Selmer Maccaferris D-hole and oval hole guitarsAn early decision was to choose which of the two models to build - the D-hole or small oval sound-hole version.
The D-hole model with the 12 fret neck was the final choice as it seemed more suitable for rhythm playing.

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum has proved to be invaluable for construction advice.

Plans from Roy Courtnall and  R.& F.Charle.

Wood from Touchstone Tonewoods and Dave Dyke Luthier Supplies.

Reproduction tailpieces made by Killy Nonis -



Soundboard Considerations

A construction point in the plans is the domed soundboard arch, also called the "pliage" (French for pleat or fold).
This is how it's unravelled so far - Soundboard Arch.


Maccaferri Project 1
Click for photos.


Maccaferri Project 2  - with pliage.
Construction photos.


Maccaferri Project 3 - with pliage
Click for pictures of Maccaferri 3 Project.


The second Maccaferri project is now on sale at Hobgoblin Music (Bristol)

"New Selmer Maccaferri luthier alert ! Peter Davies came in with this lovely guitar he'd built. It's a grande bouche 12 fret, with a rosewood body, spruce top, walnut neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge. It's fitted with an Ashworth pickup, Schaller tuners and a Killy Nonnis tailpiece. He has absolutely nailed the sound, and this guitar is as good as any D-Hole I've played, and is easily better than many of the famous names. This is only his third instrument, and you should definitely try it! 1500 and worth every penny!"