Welsh Folk Dance - "Rali'r Ddau Gardi"

Rally of the Two "Cardis" [people from Cardigan]

Music:- 32 bar reels
(Click here for a sample from our CD - Track 1).

Dance for pairs - as many as will. No set formation. A simple "fun" dance which looks very effective.


Each section is 8 bars in length.

1 - Lady skips 16 steps anywhere in room, with man following behind [Hands behind back].

2 - Set to each other - right first[1-2-3], left [1-2-3], then change places. Repeat this move.

3 - Girl turns back on partner and "gipsy's" [skips] anywhere in room - 16 steps in all.

4 - Man follows, catches up, then spins with partner.


Variation 1 - after a few times through  the dance, man goes first, girl follows.

Variation 2 - Couple find different partners whilst carrying out 3rd. movement.

Variation 3 - Find own partner for last time through dance.



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