Welsh Folk Dance - Rhwng Ddwy (Between Two)

Formation : Large circle for sets of one man with a lady on either side, facing anti-clockwise around the dance-floor.

Music : Medley of 32-bar reels

A1          Man takes both hands with right-hand lady and gallops 8 steps anti-clockwise, then back to place.


A2               Repeat with left-hand lady.


Dinas Powys
Dancing "Rhwng Ddwy", which means Between Two at a birthday ceilidh near Cardiff.


B1          Man arms right with right-hand lady twice round [8 steps]

               Man then arms left with left-hand lady twice round [8 steps]


B2          All three dance a figure of eight, right shoulder first [16 steps]


Temple of Peace, Cardiff
Dancing "Rhwng Ddwy" (Between Two) at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff.


Men move forward to the next two ladies to start the dance again.


[ Men can bid ladies goodbye with a kiss on each cheek ! ]

The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff.
Click for video - "Rhwng Ddwy" (Between Two) at a fancy dress barn dance in Cardiff with music by the Pluck & Squeeze Band.


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