Welsh Folk Dance - Jac  y  Do (The Jackdaw)

Formation : Longways set for 5 couples.

Music : Any 32 bar polka or set medley of tunes.

A1 In lines facing partners, forward and back 4 steps. Then forward four steps to partner and change places.


A2  Repeat A1 back to original places.


B1 Couple 1 give both hands to partner and slip step down the centre of the set to the bottom and back.


B2 Couple 1 cast out, everybody follows. Couple 1 form a bridge at the bottom of the set. Everyone else in turn meets their partner at the bottom of the set, takes inside hand, and leads up under the bridge to re-form the set with a new couple in top position.


Repeat the dance 4 times with a new top couple each time.


Watch it on Youtube from ceilidhs in South Wales -

Glam Rock Style Atlantic College Temple of Peace Rhiwbina Sports Club Canada Lodge
A glam Rock fancy dress birthday twmpath in Cardiff, Wales. Video of Welsh folk dance "Jac y Do" (Jackdaw) at Atlantic College, in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Dancing "Jac y Do" at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff. Ceilidh at Rhiwbina Sports club in Cardiff. Wedding barndance at Canada Lodge, near Cardiff, South Wales.


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