Pluck & Squeeze at the Gavin & Stacey Barn Dance

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Video clip

A clip where we joined in the line dance on "Gavin & Stacey"

Here's a slide show wih the music we played for the dancing:

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Pluck & Squaeeze Band at the Gavin & Stacey Barn Dance.


Rob Brydon and Ruth Jones rehearsing "Islands in the Stream"


Pat, Lorna & Heulwen getting ready for the line dance scene on Gavin & Stacey


The stage at All Saints Church Hall, Penarth filming Gavin & Stacey


Nessa & Bryn singing Islands in the Stream.


Doris getting ready for the birthday party.


Cameras on the Pluck & Squeeze Band


Pam, Gwen, Griff & Mick practising the line dance.


Gwen's surprise birthday party at All Saints Church Hall, Penarth.


Lorna, in the background, talking to Diane Lee from "Peters & Lee"


Stage view of Gwen's birthday party.


Alison Steadman cooling down behind the pink hat.


Cast & crew of the Gavin & Stacey barn dance scene.


Pluck & Squeeze watching the scene after the line dance from the stage.


A break between takes at the surprise birthday party for Gwen.


It's finally over for Pluck & Squeeze in the barn dance episode of Gavin & Stacey


It started with an email out of the blue asking if the band would be interested in being in a TV production - a romantic comedy called Gavin & Stacey, as there was an episode involving a barn dance.

It sounded like a bit of fun, then the producers called round for a cup of tea, came to a gig - and  it was settled.

The only thing left was to get the band together for two full days for filming : -

Lorna and Peter were free.

Kate (fiddle) and Alun (caller) were teaching just around the corner from the set at All Saints Church in Penarth but couldn't get time off

Alun - "Just give me a call when you want me!" - (unfortunately it was all day).

Heulwen was available on fiddle and another of our callers, Pat, could call.

Phil, our original bass player from the early days could also make it (Jeremy had work commitments). 

We had a brilliant two days on set, and ended up doing a line dance as well as playing. We enjoyed meeting the cast and were made to feel really welcome.
They even made a big fuss of our little dog Dipsy, (who spent most of the time sitting quietly at the side of the stage.).

After two 12 hour days we now appreciate how tiring an actor's job is.

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