Welsh Folk Dance - Jig y Ffermwyr (Farmerís Jig)

  Formation : Longways set for 4 couples.          Music : 4 set tunes or any brisk 32 bar jig.

A1 Bar 1-4  Facing up, partners hold inside hands and take 8 steps forward.

            5-8  All turn towards partner to face down the set and take 8 steps back to place.


A2             1-4 Taking two hands with partner, all take 8 slip steps to the menís left.

                  5-8 All take 8 slip steps back to place.


B1             1-4 Couples 1 and 2, couples 3 and 4 right hand star.

                  5-8 Couples 1 and 2, couples 3 and 4 left hand star.


B2             1-8 All face up the set, Couple 1 separate and cast out on their own side, the lady leading the ladies whilst the man leads the men, everyone dances down to the bottom of the set.

Couple 1 meet and make a bridge in the last coupleís place, the other couples meet their partner, take inside hands and dance under the bridge back to their lines, having progressed one place.

[N.B. As the others dance under the bridge, the dance starts again immediately]

Repeat the dance with a new top couple each time.



Rhiwbina Sports Club, Cardiff.
Here's a clip of The Farmers' Jig.

Birthday Barn Dance
Click for video - Farmers' Jig with music from the Pluck & Squeeze Band, in Cardiff.

Atlantic College
Farmers' Jig Welsh folk dance at Atlantic College, near Cardiff, South Wales.



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