Welsh Folk Dance - Ffansi Ffermwyr (Farmers' Fancy )

  Formation: Circle dance                                      Music: 32 bar reel or jig

A 1 4   Right hand turn partner  


  Video Clips
Video instructions for the dance
Click for video of dance steps / instructions.


A 5 8   Left hand turn partner  


A 9 12 Both hands turn  


A13 16 Dos-i-dos partner  


 Dancing it in the Angel Hotel, Cardiff.
Click for video of Welsh folk dance Ffansi Ffermwyr (Farmers' Fancy).


B1 8    Swing partner [this is a LONG swing]  


B9 12  Promenade partner around circle  


B13 16 Man gives partner a kiss on the cheek [optional!], then walks forward to meet new partner  


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