Welsh Folk Dance - Ffaniglen

Formation: large double circle of couples facing anti-clockwise, man on the inside of the circle, lady on his right

Music : Any polka or medley of set tunes - Ffaniglen

4 counts to each bar of the music

  A :       1 Holding inside hands, step / set away from partner, step / set towards partner

            2 Walk four steps forward, turning to face clockwise on the last step

            3-4 Repeat, turning to face partner on the last step

            5-6 Arm right with partner

            7-8 Arm left with partner



Instructions for Ffaniglen
Instructions for dancing Ffaniglen.

Ffaniglen in the Angel Hotel, Cardiff
Dancing Ffaniglen at a wedding ceilidh in the Angel Hotel, Cardiff.

Bristol Marriott Hotel
Welsh folk dance - Ffaniglen at a conference in the Bristol Marriot Hotel.

Cardiff City Hall


B :       1-2 Face partner and clap:

                        own hands together, then partnerís right

                        own hands together, then partnerís left

                        own hands together, cross own hands on chest

                        own hands together, both hands with partner

            3-4 Repeat this clapping, but clap partnerís left hand first, then partnerís right

 [Experienced dancers can try double clapping/double speed!]

            5-8 Polka anywhere around the dance floor


 Repeat the dance from the beginning.



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