Welsh Folk Dance - Y Delyn Newydd (The Welsh Harp)

  Formation: Lines of 4 or 5 couples, facing the band/stage                                       Music: 32 bar reel or jig

A 1 8  First lady leads all the other ladies around the men and back to place  


A 9 16 First man leads all the other men around the ladies and back to place


B1 8    Promenade hold, the first couple leads all the other couples, repeating the move above to the count of 16 and back to place


B9 16 First couple cross hands hold and swing partner down to the bottom of the set

Start the dance again with a new number 1 couple

Glandyfi Medley - jigs for Delyn Newydd

Delyn Newydd - medley of reels (slower version)


Rhiwbina Sports Club, Cardiff.
Click for video of "Y Delyn Newydd" dance.


Fancy Dress Birthday
Click for video - "Y Delyn Newydd" (New Harp) Welsh folk dance



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