Maccaferri Guitar Project 2 - Construction Sequence

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Back & Sides Soundboard Neck
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French Polishing

Completed photos
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The significant difference in the construction of this guitar is the heat bent dome in the soundboard - sometimes called the "pliage" (pleat / fold in French).

Construction details:
The guitar was built in a similar way to the first Maccaferri, the main difference being the heat bent top (pliage). 
Full details of the heat bent pliage construction.

Soundboard - European Spruce, 2.2mm thick .

Sides & back - East Indian Rosewood

Neck - American Walnut, scale length 640mm. A slim, modern design and using the Cumpiano bolted mortise & tenon neck / body joint.

Fingerboard - Ebony

Binding - Rosewood - much easier to heat bend than the ebony bindings used last time.

Finish - French polished with transparent Shellac.

Tuners - enclosed gold plated Schaller.

Sound - brighter, louder and more responsive than the first Maccaferri guitar. I am guessing that this is due to the heat bent top making the soundboard stiffer.

After experimenting with different bridges it seems this can have a significant effect  -

  • A bridge making contact all along its base sounds mellower.

  • A bridge with less mass sounds  brighter.

  • There is a tonal difference between ebony and rosewood. 

*The guitar was constructed over a period of 2 years.


The guitar is now on sale at Hobgoblin Music (Bristol)

"New Selmer Maccaferri luthier alert ! Peter Davies came in with this lovely guitar he'd built. It's a grande bouche 12 fret, with a rosewood body, spruce top, walnut neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge. It's fitted with an Ashworth pickup, Schaller tuners and a Killy Nonnis tailpiece. He has absolutely nailed the sound, and this guitar is as good as any D-Hole I've played, and is easily better than many of the famous names. This is only his third instrument, and you should definitely try it! 1500 and worth every penny!"